Art Exhibition Brisbane April 2020

Brisbane Art exhibition


The Demented Duchess, The Icon Lady and Linda Storytelling announce their upcoming Exhibition

Art and Artefact

An Exhibition of Objects and Art

24th April to and including the 27th April 2020, Richard Randall Art Studio , Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha.

Join artists, Fran Van Krieken, Helen McIntosh and Linda Murray as they break all the rules in a joyful irreverent stand against art trends and accepted norms.

Artefacts crowd our every day and are part of our homes. Each of these objects has its own history, its own stories. Often the skills used to create these objects are undervalued. As artists we share a common thread in our love of collecting and creating hand-made objects. We want to give recognition to the humble object and blur the boundaries of what Art is and what is Artefact?

Helen McIntosh

‘The watercolour pictures I have made have been painstaking but full of emotion for me. I felt an overpowering need to be truthful representing the beauty in these objects. Because I know the artefacts, every layer, painting them became an act of great intimacy.’ Helen.

Linda Murray

‘I have always wanted to make hats. For this exhibition I have created a series of hats and a series of portraits. The hats are made from a wide variety of materials including recycled objects. The portraits are acrylic on canvas. The result is a culmination of detailed explorations into the character of the hat.’ Linda.

Fran Van Krieken

‘At heart I’m a story teller, my works are a response to what I’ve lived, read or heard; squirreled away and released across many mediums 2D, 3D, paint, paper canvas, wood and cloth. Welcome to my world.’ Fran. 


Friday 24th April – 6pm-9pm, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th April and Monday 27th -10am to 4pm on.


Friday Evening 24th April at 6pm.

PARTY – All welcome. Live Music.


Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10 – 4pm. Something to interest the whole family, Meet the artists. Talk to Helen and Linda about the colourful works on display. Enjoy coffee and storytelling in the historic Richard Randall Hall.

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