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Linda Murray has been involved in group art exhibitions as well as some solo art shows. Journey through a selection of her art exhibitions during her long art career. She has exhibited in a variety of venues, including houses, restaurants, studios and galleries in Brisbane and internationally.

Here you will find some of my experiences, incites and stories when putting on and being in an art show. Some of the places, venues, or galleries sadly no longer exist.

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Past Art Exhibitions

Art and Artefact

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Weird and Wonderful



Collaged woman with frog
Maggie Mixed Media Collage

After having so much fun creating collages for Vague my old friend and fellow artist Helen McIntosh suggested we create a joint Art Exhibition of collages and repurposed dolls.

Finding a gallery for hanging our work

Repurposed doll Moth

We decided to make it a fairly small exhibition and Helen suggested ‘Ugees Expresso, as she had recently attended and enjoyed an art opening there.

The coffee shop is located at 80 Boundary Street, West End and is very artist friendly.  So on the 13th May 2018, Mother’s Day we opened our show and Moth and Hillary found new homes.

Vague Art Show


This exhibition was hung at the Wynnum Manly ARTS Wynnum Community Centre Florence Street Wynnum Wynnum, QLD, Australia 4178

women with unusual hats
Julie and Julia

For this art Exhibition Vague is a pun on the word Vogue and humorously describes the eclectic and bizarre collection of fashion designs created by local Wynnum artist Linda Murray.

The body of work metamorphosed from the idea of making paper dolls, whilst a member of the Friday Girls (a largely doll making group) who met regularly at Dolls and Doilies.

All the collages were given names of female politicians.

Process of making Collages

The early creation of the image begins quite randomly but slowly evolves as colours and unlikely objects inform the direction I take.

The process is a journey that leads into an exploration of the female body as a landscape on which to create unexpected outfits.

The result ends in a jumble of surreal and symbolic imagery in which the female body, becomes caught up in its own narrative of possibilities and confusions.   

Qut Art Exhibitions

surreal bedroom scape
Copy after Magritte

Background At Qut

At uni my tutors, Chris Howlett, Daniel Mafe and Mark Webb, were very supportive and helped to open my eyes to different ways of exploring and expanding the boundaries of art.


I was particularly inspired by Kim Demuth who taught sculpture, Julie Pitts who encouraged me to make movies and Nick Cominos who taught me drawing.

I explored female subjectivity and created a series of art video and performance works.

Collaborative work with Germaine Woodward

Ewes with lambs
Ewe Two film still from Ewe Dumb

Much of my work was in collaboration with fellow art student and friend Germaine Woodward. As a competitive duo we often found ourselves pushing our boundaries way beyond our comfort zones.

Mango Art Exhibitions

Co Oliver

I first learnt oil painting with Co Oliver who stressed the importance of understanding tones in painting.

Mango Art Group members

dancer with hip scarf

I joined the Mango Art group with Co, Wendy Buckland, Karl Ashton, Lucille Gillespie and Maree Gwynne.

We exhibited in the Wynnum Manly area including Someplace to Eat in Manly, until I went to university to study Fine Art.

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