Art and Artefact

Art and Artefact is an exhibition of objects and paintings of the objects created by Wynnum-Manly artists Linda Murray and Helen McIntosh.

You can view Helen’s work by clicking on this link 2020: Art & Artefact

Artefacts crowd our every day and are part of our homes. Each of these objects has its own history, its own stories. Often the skills used to create these objects are undervalued. As artists we share a common thread in our love of collecting and creating hand-made objects. We want to give recognition to the humble object and blur the boundaries of what Art is and what is Artefact?


I have always wanted to make hats. For this exhibition I have created a series of hats and a series of portraits. The hats are made from a wide variety of materials including recycled objects. Much of the materials have been gathered from the local Wynnum op shops.The portraits are acrylic on canvas.

Hat paintings

I have create a series of portraits which tell a story about each hat. They portraits are all fictional characters that I have made up.

For more details on how I created the hats see my post A Hat Making History

Hat modelling Videos

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