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Welcome to the land of Linda Storytelling, the home of Linda Murray Artist, Writer and Illustrator.

‘As a multimedia artist and writer my art work can take on many different forms, but there is always a story lurking within.’

About Linda Murray Artist, Writer and Illustrator


Linda Murray Artist and Illustrator Brisbane
Linda Murray

Linda lives in Wynnum, Brisbane, with her photographer husband Shaun. They have three sons, five grand daughters and one grand son.

‘Being the middle child in a family of six and growing up on a farm in Wales meant there was always plenty to do, what I loved most was spending time with animals, drawing and creating art, climbing trees, riding the neighbours’ horses and playing soccer.’

Art History and Achievement

In 2005 Linda completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane. Her video was chosen for the cover of the Graduation Exhibition.

Illustration of weird creature pig elephant bull for children's picture book
Have you seen a Spottlehog?

In 2018 Linda was a winner of the –Graphic Novels. Illustrated Picture Books and illustrated Middle Grade Novels and illustrations award at the CYA (Children’s and Young Adults) conference. 

The judge Donna Rawlings said the pictures were, ‘Resonant of Edward Lear’s nonsense creatures, this cast of eccentric characters has great visual potential. The painterly images with their vivid saturated palette would lend themselves to a lush picture book with potential for lots of hidden treats.’

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Linda Murray art work portrait of bride
The Albatross

Art Exhibitions

During her long career as an artist Linda has not only exhibited locally but also internationally.

Her most notable exhibitions include: –

  • The QUT Art Museum
  • The State Library of QLD
  • Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing

To more information check out my CV

For even more information check out my Art Exhibitions Page

Linda’s Current Art Projects

In an exciting new update Art and Artefact returns. It will still be at the Richard Randall Art Studio but will now be just Helen McIntosh and myself.

Save the date 20th – 24th May 2022

To Learn more visit my exhibition page Art and Artefact

Check out my blog for any future developments

Art and Artefact

Portrait of girl with black and pink hat
Portrait of the Flamingo

Art and Artefact was to be a joint exhibition of objects and paintings with fellow artists Helen McIntosh and Fran Van Krieken. It was to be held at the Richard Randall Art Studio in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in Mt Cootha in April 2020 but sadly because of Covid 19 the event was cancelled.

As a result I decided instead to produce a series of videos which feature each of the hats I created for the show.

If you would like to see these videos I have put links below. They are short and comical and I hope you enjoy them.

The Flamingo

The Robin

The Wren

The Starling

The Bower

Affiliated Groups

Linda is a member of: Write Links Children’s Writers and Illustrators; SCBWI; Book Links; WOW – Writers of Wynnum; and Wynnum Manly Arts Council.

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