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Linda Murray’s whimsical illustrations are imaginative and full of colour.

When creating illustrations I use a range of media. I usually paint in acrylic, but I also like to experiment with water colour or gouache. For drawing I use pencil, pen or water colour crayon. Sometimes I use a variety of media in an illustration.


Strange Creatures

These colourful eccentric creatures form part of a series I have been working on for a picture book. They are in acrylic.

Characters with hats

These portraits are acrylic on canvas. I painted the hats from real life and invented the characters.

Mixed Media

Surreal characters

Most of these mixed media collages have been combined with pen and acrylic.

Black and white

Unusual hats

I use a variety of different pencils starting fairly lightly with a HB pencil and moving to 2B, 4B and 6B progressively as I increase the tonal range of the image.

Belly dancers

Water colour, watercolour crayon, ink

These illustrations were completed quite a long time ago. A friend and I were invited to draw belly dancers as they practiced different moves.

We took our sketch pads and tried to draw the figures in constant motion – not an easy task. I took my scribbles home and developed them further. It is surprising how just trying to draw a moving object can help your drawing improve even though at times you think you are going nowhere.

For more of my illustrations you can visit my Scbwi page

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