Being able to draw is such an important foundation to create art. I was lucky I had a natural ability as a child and found drawing relatively easy in the beginning. But the more time you put into it you soon learn how much more there is to know about drawing and how hard it can be. It really opens you up to a new language which is multi layered and fascinating.

I still struggle with drawing even now. It’s such a vast journey of discovery when you think of all the variables of mark making, different media, tone, light, perspective, and composition.

One of the books I have found very helpful in the beginning is The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards


This copy of Magritte’s ‘Personal Values’ was made while studying at Uni. It’s a conte drawing and really challenged my perception of executing surfaces – glass and reflections, brush bristles, and what I struggled most with was the clouds.

Birth Series



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