Unusual Hats

Here are some of the unusual hats I have made for the upcoming exhibition Art and Artefact. Each of these unique hats have their own stories, not just about how they were made but they have been brought to life in paintings.

Below are the unusual hats I created for the 2020 exhibition Art and Artefact.

As well as recycling old hats, I have used second hand bits and pieces I have found in op shops or have been given.

While most of the hats have been made from textiles, I have also included household objects such as lamp shades, a scarf rack and a candlelabra as well as wire, paper mache, beads, buttons and feathers.

Though some of the parts of the hats were already constructed I have used sewing, tatting, beading, wire work crochet knitting and paper mache.

To see the paintings of these hats visit my Painting page

These extraordinary hats will be on display at the upcoming exhibition Art and Artefact in May 2022. For details about the event click here.

Some of my more recent unusual hats

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