Hats at the Wynnum Library

My hats went on a new adventure today. I took some down to the Wynnum library and now they have a temporary home there till the end of July.

Hats Enjoying their Temporary New Home at the Wynnum Library

Here are my hats enjoying a 360 degree view from their display cabinets.


The hats on display are part of Linda’s recent exhibition with fellow artist Helen McIntosh. The show, Art and Artefact was held at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha in May this year. The exhibition was of a series of objects and a series of paintings of the objects. (Linda’s paintings were shown at the Wynnum library in October last year).

Her extraordinary hats are largely made from recycled materials gathered from Wynnum op shops, friends and family. Fascinated how artefacts/objects are able to contain history – to tell stories, Linda chose to add drama to her hats. As a result her hats are not only works of art but objects imbued in history and capable of sparking the imagination.

Artefacts also speak of craft. Craft, particularly traditional women’s craft, is often overlooked in art. Linda wanted to blur the boundaries of art and craft and used a range of craft skills within her work.

Wynnum Library

If you haven’t been to the Wynnum library yet you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. It has great atmosphere and there is something there for all ages.

Thank you to Shannon from the Wynnum Library who was so keen on exhibiting my hats. Also thank you to Emily from the Wynnum Library and Shaun for helping me set up.

To learn more about my hats visit my exhibition page Art and Artefact

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